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Frequiently Asked Questions

Become a massage therapist in Texas

What is this I hear about I can complete 46% of my classes online going to massage school?

Let us help you understand and make the best decision!

We are now offering one of the BEST and cost-effective educations you can buy, now even online!!  For ONLY $5,000 tuition! Yes, that's right! No tricks, hidden fees or any additional costs! Other than supplies, you can become a massage therapist! You must have a up-to-date device and internet access (prefered google chrome) in order to or online classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions about massage

So, I’m maybe, sorta interested in enrolling….AKA Frequently Asked Questions

So, I’m maybe, sort of interested in enrolling at Texas Massage Academy…but I have questions. (AKA – Frequently Asked Questions) So, you are interested in possibly becoming a student at Texas Massage Academy, that is great news. You have come to the right spot to get some answers to your questions. First let me give you...

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Tuition & Fees

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I just want to know how much it costs!

GREAT! It's not as bad as you think and there is NO catch! You can become a massage therapist in as little as 7 months with a minimal investment! If you live in the central Texas area you will be saving on: gas, snacks, food and your time. It's very cost-effective, especially with gas prices today! You will be saving 46% on commute time and expenses!

However, there is an upfront cost for supplies, such as books, linens, lotion, etc.

In the city you would be looking to pay around $11,000, give or take, for the same education without the perks!

New Online Program for $2,500

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Online Program

Tuition & Fees

 (This program is the most popular!)

Tuition                   $ 2,500.00 (pay as you go)


Registration Fee                                   $50.00

Estimated Additional Costs:
(To be purchased by students)            $530.23

TOTAL $3,080 

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Are you ready for the next step?

Next step, is your tour

Call now to talk with Kathleen, our Admissions Advisor, at (325) 646-4272 or Click here to set up your tour online. Our classes are filling up fast! We also are looking to potential add weekend classes in the near future! 

We have students that travel from as far away as: San Angelo, Stephenville,  Granbury, Abilene, and all of the surounding areas. So don't worry if you do not live in Brownwood, Texas! Many of our students actually find it benificial and fun to have a traveling buddy to commute to and from school! You can keep each other awake and study on the drive! Win/Win         

Spaces are Limited