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It's not just about services, you will learn all aspects of how to be successful.
We work hard and play hard.
We start off as strangers, but quickly become family.
Smiles all day, every day from our students.
We don't just look at the resources to learn anatomy, we also use different techniques.

Frequiently Asked Questions

Become a massage therapist in Texas

What is this I hear about I can complete 46% of my classes online going to massage school?

Let us help you understand and make the best decision!

We are now offering one of the BEST and cost-effective educations you can buy, now even online!!  For ONLY $5,000 tuition! Yes, that's right! No tricks, hidden fees or any additional costs! Other than supplies, you can become a massage therapist! You must have a up-to-date device and internet access (prefered google chrome) in order to or online classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions about massage school

So, I’m maybe, sorta interested in enrolling….AKA Frequently Asked Questions

So, I’m maybe, sort of interested in enrolling at Texas Massage Academy…but I have questions. (AKA – Frequently Asked Questions) So, you are interested in possibly becoming a student at Texas Massage Academy, that is great news. You have come to the right spot to get some answers to your questions. First let me give you...

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About Our School

Why choose Texas Massage Academy for my massage career?

Why Texas Massage Academy? Here, at Texas Massage Academy, we strive to be the BEST by preparing you for your career as a massage therapist. If you are excited and passionate about helping others and want to raise the bar, Texas Massage Academy is the educational facility for you! Your Central Texas Massage school located in the heart of Texas!

Our Approach

Our approach is different from others you might find. We take our training and educational knowledge to a level that will prepare you for a successful career. Every aspect of your training at Texas Massage Academy will be of value to you in the years to come. We believe there is more to your career than a traditional massage. Our extensive knowledge of the human body and its adaptive nature will allow you to empower your future with the experience and passion of using our techniques and methods. You will learn techniques such as: Deep Tissue Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Range of Motion Assessments, Client Assessments, Myofascial Release, and good body mechanics, just to name a few! Texas Massage Academy meets all State requirements, while focusing on our training and students. We have an internal process that allows each student the individual attention one needs. Our student-to-teacher ratio is far less than the state's requirements. This allows for a more conducive learning environment. *(Our ratio is NO more than 18 students per one instructor.)

This is the education you KNEAD!

This Could Be You as a massage therapist with graduation in less than a year

Mission Statement

Texas Massage Academy’s mission is to empower students and optimize their full learning potential in a safe, caring, therapeutic environment while preparing them for a successful career path, embodying every aspect of business for success.


• The objectives of the Massage Therapy Programs are to teach students how to become effective and successful massage therapists.

• To empower therapists with proficiency and confidence in the realm of massage therapy.

• To educate each student to be not only skilled in successful massage therapy techniques, but business skills as well, for successfully operating a business in massage therapy.

Still have questions? Good! We still have answers!

students in massage school learning anatomy and massage

See what is in store for you!

Explore this fun photo gallery that showcases all aspects of our students' life! From day one in the classroom, through the lab, to finishing clinical internship, and graduation!

Photo Gallery
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Kinda Overwhelmed? Don't worry!

You're not the first one! We would LOVE to help ease your mind and explain the intracacies of our program. Send us a message and we will message you back promptly (usually 2 hours or less response time)! Don't worry, you're not going to bug us!

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Our Abilene Campus

Texas Massage Academy logo for Abilene and Brownwood Texas

Texas Massage Academy - Abilene

3301 S 14th Street #35A,
Abilene, Texas 79605
Telephone: (325) 480-1357
E-mail: admissions@texasmassageacademy.com

Our Brownwood Campus

Texas Massage Academy logo for Abilene and Brownwood Texas

Texas Massage Academy - Brownwood

400 Center Avenue,
Brownwood, Texas 76801
Telephone: (325) 646-4272
E-mail: admissions@texasmassageacademy.com