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Abilene massages ~Weekends~
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Located at 3301 S 14th Suite 35A, Abilene Texas 79605

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Our students are available most weekends for services. YEAR 'ROUND

Our students book up really fast during their clinical! So call early to get your appointment! We try to accomodate walk-in clients when we have openings, but our students are usually booked in advance.

Our students offer services that are at a discounted rate, however this does not compromise or downgrade the quality. We get amazing responses from our clients about how professional our students are throughout their program. However, they are still learning and aquiring their skills as a future massage therapist, if you have tried the school and are needing a more specialized treatment try Fancy's Day Spa, in Brownwood, Texas, all the therapists there are licensed instructors and by far exceed your "TRADITIONAL MASSAGE".

Our Services Menu for Abilene, Texas

female student learning deep tissue in Abilene

Massage Options

Relaxation Massage
Gentle and relaxing, this Swedish massage helps to relieve tension and improve circulation. A full body massage specially designed to help relax your muscles and relieve stress and tension.
1 hr $44.00
1.5 hr $66.00
2 hr $88.00

Spot Treatment

This treatment is designed for the massage clients who want the full one hour relaxation massage, but also needs a little more work on tense or painful areas.
15 min $15.00
30 min $30.00

Deep Tissue Massage
This massage is designed for the massage clients who are not looking for a full body massage, but are looking for relief of their aches and pains having the therapist focus only on certain body parts.
1 hr $54.00
1.5 hr $84.00
2 hr $108.00

Trigger Point Massage
This massage incorporates a technique that can help reduce pain caused by headaches, low back pain, TMJ, fibromyalgia and other soft-tissue pain problems. To make your session as effective as possible, elements of the Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Trigger Point are incorporated.
1 hr $59.00
1.5 hr $89.00
2 hr $118.00

When getting a treatment for specific areas of pain, we also recommend adding the following option. Our Moist Heat Packs are the talk of the town! Add to your package today!

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Special Services

learn 4 handed massage at massage school

Not your everday services, but could be!

4-Handed Massage
For the busy executive or housewife on the go, but still wanting a full body massage, this one is for you. This treatment has two therapists working simultaneously to cover more area in less time.
.5 hr $44.00 (equals 1 hr)
1 hr $88.00 (equals 2 hr)

This is a very relaxing and beneficial massage specially designed for expecting mothers. Do you want to sleep again at night? Try this service, you won't be disappointed.
$44.00 Allow 1 hour for this treatment

Couples Massage
Are you looking for a couple experience? How about having you and your mate getting a massage in the same room at the same time!
$88.00 (for both) Allow 1 hour for this treatment

Spa Party!
This is a great way to say "Thanks", "I love you", "Congratulations" and so much more!

This package is à la carte, meaning you can pick and choose any services you might want for you and your guest! Due to that, this service needs to be discussed and approved by Kathleen Mazy for dedicated resourses. So please give her a call at (325) 646-4272, also the further in advance you can inquire about a spa party, better the probability we can make it happen.

client booking couples massage in Abilene at the massage academy

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