How to earn over $40,000 per year only working part time!

Earn $40,000 per year working part time!

How to earn over $40,000 per year only working part time!

I know you are asking yourself if I’m crazy!  How can I make over $40,000 per year and only work part time?

Earn $40,000 per year working part time

Let me break the numbers down for you!

According to, the average yearly income for a massage therapist is $47,707.  I am going to use $40,000 just to make the numbers easier.

If you work 25 hours a week for 50 weeks (this gives you 2 weeks of vacation time as well),  this is only 1,250 hours of massage.  If you only make $32.00 per hour, you can make $40,000 per year.


“$32.00 per hour sure seems like a lot!”

Let’s talk reality and how you can make $32.00 per hour.

  • If you are working for yourself, you will more likely charge more than $32.00 per hour for a massage.
  • If you are an employee, $32.00 per hour really isn’t hard to achieve.
    • Making 50% of each service:
      • A $50.00 service will make you $25.00, then you only need to average a $7.00 tip per service.  Many people tip $5.00 to $10.00 per hour.
      • A $65.00 service will make you $32.50, so you are already making over the minimum $32.00 per hour to make $40,000 per year.
  • As an employee or self-employed Massage Therapist, you can increase your hourly rate per service by:
    • Having clients upgrade to higher services (e.g. Swedish massage vs deep tissue massage)
    • Having an add-on service (e.g. moist heat pack, paraffin for hands)
    • Selling retail to clients (many spas give commission for sales to the employees)
“Sign me up!!”

I showed you how easy it is to earn $32.00 per hour, now are you ready for the next step?

At Texas Massage Academy, you can get licensed in as little as a year and a half going to school only 12 hours a week.

The first step is to get you some more information. Check out these links:
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2 thoughts on “How to earn over $40,000 per year only working part time!

  1. Kali Taft Johnson says:

    My name is Kali and I am interested in getting my LMT certification. I just had some questions about it, I graduated with my Kinesiology: Dance Science degree from Texas A&M University this past May, and I am interested in opening up my own practice and working with people on rehabilitation and structural integration. In order to do this, I need to be an LMT, and I would be interested in implementing these techniques in my practice as well. I was just wondering how I would go about getting the certification, and since I already have a Kinesiology degree, what does that mean for classes? Would I still have to take the anatomy and kinesiology classes if my degree already covered them? Or is it more specific to massage practices? Thank you so much for the information! Have a great day!

    • Kali,
      Congratulations on completing your degree.

      You more than likely will be able to not take the Kinesiology or A&P classes with your degree. You would need to contact TDLR and submit your transcripts to them. Here is their phone number (800) 803-9202.

      We have had several students with similar degrees that preferred to just take the classes as a refresher. You will love massage therapy as an addition to your career!

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