Meet Your Instructor – Brandon

Meet Your Instructor – Brandon Mazy

Brandon Mazy instructor

Brandon Mazy, Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapy Instructor, Marketing Director, Admissions Director

Brandon spent many years in the corporate environment after graduating from the Art Institute of Dallas.  While in the media field, Brandon gained extensive knowledge of marketing, graphics, programming and computer based training. This will aid in the visual and interactive elements within the classroom training to create a more engaging learning environment.

Because of his sedentary job, he began experiencing severe back pain.  This led to his desire to not only fix his back pain, but a desire to help others that were also experiencing pain.  Brandon and Kathleen began searching for options which lead to massage school.  They chose to attend Academy for Massage Therapy in San Antonio, Texas.

While attending massage school, Brandon found his niche in problem solving.  He began looking at massage not just from a therapeutic stand point but from a wellness stand point as well, focusing on the pre-assessment.  On a daily basis, Brandon not only works with severe pain management cases, but also educates his clients about self awareness.

Brandon teaches Massage Technique, Health & Hygiene, Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology Hydrotherapy, Business Practices & Professional Ethics, and Pathology.  He also helps to supervise and support the Clinical Internship.

Are you looking to enroll in Texas Massage Academy but still have some questions?  Check out our FAQ page here.

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