Congratulations Class A108 on your Graduation

Graduation A108

Class A108 Graduation!

We are so happy for the class A108 on their graduation.

Graduation A108

This was the 8th Graduation for Texas Massage Academy.  These 6 ladies deserve praise for all of the hard work they put in to complete class.  Each one of them experienced some kind of hardship during their time at Texas Massage Academy, but together they pushed one another to finish class and make it to graduation.

Each of our students would not have been able to make it though class without the support of each other as well as all of their friends and family that helped them.  Massage school is not just “rubbing on people”.  Our students go in-depth with their anatomy and physiology studies, they learn every bone and part of a bone, as well as every muscle, its name, action, origin, insertion and trigger point along with many other things.  We push them to be their best and they are the ones that made it to the end. Our students are committed to approximately a year and half of being gone from family every weekend.  They missed birthday parties, kids’ games, family vacations, and holidays.

We are so proud of this class.  We know that each one of them will go on to bigger and better things.  Each and every one of them has such a bright future and I just want to let them know that I am proud of them and can’t wait to see what their futures hold.



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